Charlotte Cardin Playlist

October 5, 2017
Charlotte Cardin Playlist

Charlotte Cardin Playlist

I often wonder what constitutes a good writer or a good book. I can zip through an airport bookstore potboiler in the time it takes to fly to Mexico. I can luxuriate for days in a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. I’m not a snob; I think both are ‘good’ books written by ‘good’ writers, in their time and place. I read the first Twilight book and the first 50 Shades book, mostly so that I could confidently and knowledgeably express an opinion about them. They are execrable. In both cases, I lamented the time that I had wasted reading them. And, not for the first time, I thought that if only I had the the germ of a plot, a little discipline, and a long weekend, that I could crank out a best-selling piece of crap too. I was an English literature major in university. I went to law school. I can string two words sensibly together. How hard could it be to write a book, am I right? Ah, but then you read The Underground Railroad, for example, and I am now ashamed of everything I write; I don’t even want anyone to see my grocery lists. While I am insanely envious of the writer who can churn stupid into fame and fortune, I cannot hate the writer who makes me gasp, cry, or shake my head in wonderment. As envious and put out as I can be after reading a mega-selling piece of garbage, I cannot resent someone who is truly gifted.

I have the same live and let live response to food. I’m not a snob. I love poutine AND I love foie gras, just not together. To everything, turn, turn, turn and all that.

I feel the same way about music. I try not to turn my nose up at anything. Mind you, some of that rote, poppy stuff that makes teenagers into superstars is grating, to be sure. And factory-produced jingles that turn gangly pubescent songsters into bloated fame whores really rot my socks. But I can’t resent someone who is truly gifted. Charlotte Cardin has been overly blessed and it’s not fair. She is young, beautiful (a former model), effortlessly bilingual, utterly charming, and insanely talented. I want to hate her and I can’t. If I were a singer/songwriter she would cause me to retire immediately and never flutter my vocal chords again. Cardin has only a handful of songs on Spotify, including a couple of covers but, mark my words, she is going places. And I’m happy for her.

Make some prosciutto-wrapped bakes apples and read my rant “The Asshole Effect”

PC: 02/20/2017 #23, by Justin Higuchi, is licensed by  CC BY 2.0, cropped.








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